Best reclaimed / recycled furniture manufacturers' in Cape Town

Every year, Coney Timbers consult with literally hundreds of homeowners, designers and architects for bespoke feature furniture pieces.  Believe it or not there are many situations where we cant fufil certain client specs—be it wood, sizes, shapes, budget, or other needs that we simply can’t meet.

Because of this fact, many times over the years clients have asked us to give our reviews and ratings of other producers they should possibly consider. As you might expect, this is a hard question to answer, mainly because Cape Town is a very small ecosystem but saying that our philosophy is a holistic, collobarative and knowledge-sharing approach that has made us successful. So we embrace it and our businesses will grow together.


This being said, herewith a few competitors that we recommend in our catchment area:

  1. Eco Furniture Design is a furniture store that specialises in lifestyle​ furniture & ​décor incorporating three critical elements in their designs to create stylish, high quality ​solid wooden ​furniture that is both functional and affordable. From the inception of a simple idea, every sought-after piece we’ve produced has had to meet all three requirements: Client’s specific needs, sustainable raw materials, and design functionality.
  2. TRADE SECRET opened its doors in Woodstock, the bustling design centre of Cape Town, in April 2012. Originally the brainchild of Company Director, Alex Cresswel-Turner, we’ve grown to be loved by Interior Designers and homemakers alike.
  3. RECREATE. Opposite the Old Biscuit Mill in Woodstock, Cape Town is Katie Thompson’s delightful store Recreate. Recreate is an upcycler’s dream. It’s filled with gorgeous repurposed suitcase chairs, milk bottle lamps, clocks, bucket stools and ottoman tubs. With a background in interior design Katie was working for an architecture firm in 2009 when she felt a pull to try something new.
  4. WORLD OF RUSTIC FRAMES was started three years ago, in a small workshop in Woodstock providing rustic frames and furniture. A hobby turned business started with a passion for wood creating frames and furniture.  We feel strongly about the environment and preserving it, we saw the need to recycle wood and save the environment.

          But, as always, before you decide on any furniture maker, do your homework. Be informed. And think long-term.

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