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oak desk for school headmaster

French Oak desk on Y-legs with 3 draws. 1600 x 800mm wide x 760mm high.

Study desk

1200mm glass desk

Hotel desk

1200 x 600 hotel desk with single draw. Protea Hotel Franschhoek

Panoramic Desk at UCT

4500 long and 2500 high desk for awesome view of Devil's Peak at UCT Design Centre of Learning. Custom made desk.

server for bar in pine and steel

Live edge desk

Live edge desk in french oak on tree stump. Tree stump leg.

Mid century desk for UCT.

mid century desk 1100 x 600mm wide on turned legs

Mid century desks

1100 x 600mm mid century desk with cork board. Desks on tapered legs.

Standing desk. Adjustable desk hydraulic base

Motorised adjustable desk with wooden tops.

Standing desk. Hydraulic motorizes desk

1400 x 700mm adjustable desk on hydraulic arms. Top oak or pine

1200 x 700mm desks with draws in pine stained oak and steel structure

2300mm x 500mm x 750mm high steel and wood desk.

oak desk

1200 x 600 oak desk with 2 minimalist draws

Oak desk for art
Unique desk with a view

Custom made 4m x 500mm deep desk. Recycled wood desk.

Home office desk

1700 wide x 800 high x 600 deep. 3 draws. Office desk for home.

Study desk

Custom according to client, recycled oregon top on steel white legs

Home office desk

1400x500x760mm in birch-ply and steel, 1 pull-out draw. available in any size. #wfh

Matching kids desk and bunk

1200 x 600 x 750mm desks with 3 draws. Recycled oregon

Solid ash desk 2.2m x 1m on tapered legs

kids desk for home

Solid 2m x 800 on grey bands in recycled Oregon

solid french oak deck on 2m x 1m top and a-frame legs

Kids home desk

1200 x 600 x 760mm high in oregon and painted white

Custom made Oregon desk

1300x 600 x 760 high with 2 draws and opening for Xbox.

Office chairs

700mm high with guarded fabric

Office desks for small area

1500 x 600 x 900(h)

Home desk

1400x500x760mm in birch-ply and steel, 1 pull-out draw. available in any size. #wfh

Oak server desk
Home desk

L-shape home desk with 3 draws

Home Oak office desk
Oak office desk

Oak office desk in L-shape and 3 draws

Round Oak desk

Round desk in oak

Kids desk

Shared kids desk for home with 2 draws on steel legs.

Oak home desk

Oak desk with glass top.

Home desk

Oak desk with glass top 1200 x 600mm.

Home desk

Home desk in oak with set of draws.

Office desk

Office desk in L-shape on trestle legs. Recycled oregon.

Kids home desk

Custom home desk for kids

Oak home desk
Oak entrance desk

Oak entrance desk in scandi look.

Oak desk
Office desks
Standard office desks

Recycled oregon desks at 1400 x 650mm

Oak desk on steel legs.

Oak desks on steel band legs.

Scaffolding top

Scaffolding top for home desk.

Large office desk
Oak desks

Oak farmstyle desks.

Office desk in steel
Office desk in steel and wood
Boardroom desk
Old Mutual desks

Office desks for Old Mutual.

Boardroom desks and chairs
Office desk L-shape
Office desk in oak and steel
Office desk in oak and steel
Oak office desks
Office desk in oak and steel

Office desk in oak on steel legs.

Office desks

Steel and wood desks. 1200 x 600mm.

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