Recycled bar

Recycled bar

Proud bar lady Shelley

Proud bar lady Shelley

Home bar that will be used....

Industrial bar shelves with steel bars.

Island rustic bar

Cabinet bar. Dog not included.

Bar stools. Any height.

Bar crates as a modular system in 12/24 bottles.

Custom recycled bar.

Bar ideas

Cuban bottle shelf.

Rustic bar server.

Best bar in Cape Town

Best bar in Cape Town

I'd like to drink there!

Rustic bar

Server with prep bowl.

Recycled finish.



Prep bowl.

Rustic detail.

Coffee table and shelves in G's bar.

Paint treatment to the front and sides.

3.6m x 1.8 on either side. 200mm overhang in front of top.

Space for bar fridge.

2nd shelf for pouring and mixing.

Cement treatment

Cement treatment

Cement bar front

Cement bar front

Plasma frame with holding bays for Gin!

Custom bar to include plasma unit

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