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Sneeze Protective Screen and Masks

Our transparent screens mounted at the till/reception desk and positioned between staff and customers is a preventative measure to stop the spread of the coronavirus. Demand for "Sneeze Screens” has surged as companies scramble to protect employees from the deadly virus and providing peace of mind for customers. 

The Sneeze Screen is the result of a collaboration between minima and ConeyCollective who have worked on many projects using Plexiglas and high quality Birch ply pre-virus times. Prior to the shutdown we had many discussions on how to use the materials in essential service environments during and after the lockdown: we conceptualised a simple mobile product called the Sneeze Screen as a practical and functional protector. We have sold to essential services  during the lockdown and have orders from retailers in anticipation of re-opening. Our products are well suited for hospitals, gyms, pharmacies, all retailers, hotels, banks, dealerships and doctors rooms.

We believe social distancing and more health-conscious customers post lockdown will see the screens remain for a long time ahead and permanently in hospitals and pharmacies.


We also have a range of masks for staff or branded for customers / new members incentive etc. 


Email: for information and sales or contact Dean on 0832596220 to discuss custom made products.


To view our quality products: or


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