2.2m x 800mm x 1m high bistro table in sugar gum.


Recycled kitchen island with matching server and floating shelves.

8th wonder of the world

Custom made and hand crafted server to sit under Table Mountain as a wonder.

Hi I'm Dean....

Let us bring your ideas to life, we work with any material and liked to push the boundaries so you have an unique feature piece in your beautiful homes.

Children's bedroom

Double bed with built-in storage 1200mm desk in glass Floating shelves bedside table

Oak pedestals

4m x 1m solid 50mm thick industrial pine top on burnt orange steel legs Outdoor table.

3m x 1.1m on solid A-frame legs with matching bench and 4 x French Country chairs

Oak art desk

Steel and wood coffee table.

Multi functional coffee table with birch ply boxes that pull out to reconfigure or use as stools.

Bedside stump tables

2m x 1m recycled table on Xlegs in steel

Recycled 12 seater table

3m x 1.1m with solid benches on steel legs

High seater table in stone and oak

2m x 1m in 22mm caesar stone on french oak legs

Kitchen island in cement top and recycled wood

Kitchen island in cement top and recycled wood

2m x 1.2m recycled island on castor wheels.

2.5m in recycled Oregon.

Our 5000th Fan on Facebook

We eventually tracked down our 5000th FAN, Steve Mathew, at his running club in Claremont last night - #HarfieldHarriers. We waited and waited for Steve to finish photographing wild mushrooms on his 10km forest run chasing the Cape storm! #crazysteve #5000fan #superfanstatus

We produce any design and size. Entrance server, bistro table and dining room tables.

Outdoor industrial pine table

3.2m x 1.1m 12 seater table

Multi-functional coffee table.

Cupboard on steel legs

V&A Waterfront Makers Landing

2.5 plasma unit in oregon

V&A Waterfront Makers Landing


Norman o Flynn server

Fizz chest of draws

1500mm x 450 deep x 900mm high Fuscia Fizz Plascon R2 A1-1 Chest of draws

2.5m cement table and steel.

2.5m cement and steel.

Oak dining room table

Rustic French Oak 2.2m x 1.1m dining room table and French Country chairs.

Bedside tables or pedestals

Produced bedside table, headboards, desk and cafe table

2m x 900mm entrance server. French o

2m x 900mm entrance server. French oak.

Norman 'O Flynn oak server

Chest of art! French oak unit 1100mm x 450 deep x 800mm high. Wrapped in plexi-glass painting by the great.

Kommetjie Deli

Sneeze Protective Screen for restaurants and Deli's

Server art piece

Ash home desk

2m x 1m ash desk on tapered legs, 32mm thick top.

Coffee table

French oak dining room table

Home desk in steel and wood

1400x500x760mm in birch-ply and steel, 1 pull-out draw. available in any size. #wfh

Ceramic tiles on any surface

We use best quality tiles on furniture pieces from chest of draws, tables and pedestals.

Plasma unit in Oregon

Recycled refined plasma unit. 2m x 450mm high x 450mm deep.

Oak bed

Office work in the forest

Multi-functional coffee table. Steel and birch-ply.

Double bunk beds

Double bunk bed with 3/4 size on top and double below.

Ash dining room table

2.4m x 1.1m dining room table, 10 seater in Ash wood.

Steel bookcase

Steel and wood bookcase. 2.4m x 1100 wide and 500mm deep.

Single oak bed

Single to King size beds in Scandi look and oak finish

Noordhoek Barn Door

Super sized in Oregon for major feature piece.

2.5m on steel legs, one solid piece of canary pine.

Home bar in recycled pine.

Recycled industrial pine for this custom home bar. Back server in recycled floorboards for the doors and 2.5m x 900mm high and 450mm deep. Floating cupboard with mirrors.

Wood and steel mix

Live edge top for 2.5m table and benches from recycled teak with orange steel legs

Bedside pedestals

Any size and design pedestals, natural or 2-toned.

2.5m on steel legs, one solid piece of canary pine.

Office hot desks with stools

2 double hot desks with bar stools in fabric.

Oak office desk

2m x 900 in solid french oak

Kirsti's headboard

2m x 1m in cladded oregon. Recycled and rustic.

Bedside tables in Grey

600 wide x 800 high x 450 deep. Soft touch closure.

Love wall bench

Concrete table and steel legs

2.5m x 900mm on steel legs and 32mm concrete top.

Rustic recycled industrial bench

1.8m recycled teak bench

Wooden stools

We design any size or shape stools with natural lines.

Chest of draws with ceramic

We apply ceramic tiles to any surface. Chest of draws as an example...

Ceramic tiles for bedside table

Recycled Oregon server

2m x 900mm x 500mm deep high in reclaimed Oregon

French Oak liquor cabinet with pull-

French Oak liquor cabinet with pull-out shelf, mirror shelf and glass rack.

Steel base server with solid oak 32m

Steel base server with solid oak 32mm top. #beautiful

Tania and Pieter island

2.5m x 1.2m kitchen island. Recycled oregon. draws and crates for storage.

modular wine cellar in grey wash. 12

modular wine cellar in grey wash. 12 or 24 bottles

Oak bar stools with fabric

Oak bar stools with fabric

Cement top table and oak server.

Steel bookcase

2200 x 1200 and 250 deep.

Jo's Kitchen Island

1.8m x 750mm x 900mm high in industrial pine with Butt stools in oregon.

Double pantry door with mechanism.

Double pantry door with mechanism.

Recycled door for a rustic cupboard.

Recycled door for a rustic cupboard. 2.2m x 800mm.

3x 1.1m rustic recycled table.

3x 1.1m rustic recycled table.

Oak vanity

1500x500x500mm with 4 draws

Double vanity in bathroom

Vanity in minimalist recycled oregon. No handles and soft close sliders. WOW!

2m oak server

2m oak server

king size bed with matching bed side

king size bed with matching bed side tables

Mandi's headboard

Diamond tufted headboard in oregon King size at 2m x1m

3m x 1.1m in solid recycled industri

3m x 1.1m in solid recycled industrial pine

Home bar in recycled wood

Recycled industrial pine for this custom made home bar. Back server in recycled floorboards for the doors and 2.5m x 900mm high and 450mm deep. Floating cupboard with mirrors.

Bar stools

Button stools

Cement table.

cement on xlegs steel legs 2500x950mm.

Bunk bed

Bunk bed with single on top and double underneath. Kids have a built-in shelf as well. industrial pine and solid.

Round oak table

1200mm in 32mm french oak. steel legs

Rustic Oregon coffee table

Rustic Oregon coffee table (1.3m)

Entrance bench

2m long on steel base. recycled sticks industrial pine bench

Diningroom table in recycled wood

Solid 90mm thick Industrial pine table and matching benches

Industrial pine vanity

Double vanity in pine and washed.

Plasma unit

Recycled oregon plasma unit. 1800x550x450mm.

Dining room table

Solid 70mm slab top in 3m x 1m. A-fram legs Recycled oregon

Tokia oak dining table

3m x 1m in French Oak with A-frame legs. Natural paint sealer treatment.

Home bar with plasma frame

We produce any size home or office bars from recycled wood and paint treatment included.

Elize home bar in recycled wood.

Recycled industrial pine for this custom home bar. Back server in recycled floorboards for the doors and 2.5m x 900mm high and 450mm deep. Floating cupboard with mirrors.

Oak server

Side server in birch and steel

French oak table and stools

2.4m x 1.1m in French oak - 44mm thick top Original butt stools Ghost chairs #awesome

Chest of draws

1500mm x 950mm high and 400 deep.

Server or plasma unit.

2.5m Server plasma in rustic Oregon

Cement top on oak legs 2mx 950mm.

Cement top on oak legs 2mx 950mm.

Rustic StoRage desk.

Rustic and recycled 2m x 1m. Oregon wall in background.

Bedside tables in Mahogany

Bedside tables - 800 high x 400 wide and 450 deep. Soft touch closure.

Side board server

French Oak server 2200 x 800 high and 500 deep.

Recycled dining room table

Cpt Kyle plasma unit

Rustic, recycled and smoked 1.4m plasma in Oregon

Steel and wood plant boxes

3 different sizes of 500, 700 or 1000mm wide. Steel and birch ply.

Cpt Kyle's Kitchen unit

2.2m high x 1m wide in recycled floor boards. Rustic

Ard Matthew dining room table

Signature table in 2.4m x 1m. Recycled oregon. 70mm frame with 40mm insets X-legs

Outside table

2.5m x 1.3m in reclaimed industrial pine. X legs. 10 seater.

Bar Bar none

2.2m x 900mm high in solid recycled oregon wood.

Rustic sideboard

2m x 950mm high on castors. 400mm deep. 4 draws and 4 crates.

Tiger's Milk table and benches.

5m x 1.2m in thick 70mm top. Rustic and recycled Oregon. X-legs Crinkle cut benches.

Kitchen island with stools

Solid industial Pine kitchen island in 1.5m x 750mm and 70mm thick. 6 Bar Stools in Oregon.

Marlize oregon table

1.8 x 1m in recycled oregon. Bench in1.5m Oregon 2m kitchen cupboard.

Caramel syrup table.

2.2m table with straight legs.

Tori recycled oregon.

2.2m recycled oregon in 70mm thick premium top. Straight legs and matching benches.

Chanels coffee table in oregon

1300mm x 700mm wide in thick Oregon lip.

Lizl's Oak table.

2.2m x 1.1m in rustic french oak. Straight flush legs

Kiaat Koel table.

2.8m Kiaat table - rustic African teak. Matching bench.

Outdoor table in Oregon

2.5m x 1.1m with A-frame legs in recycled Oregon. 4 x 1.1m recycled Oregon benches.

Square table and Leanne chairs

1.5m x 1.5m table in recycled Oregon with square legs. 50mm thick top. Chairs are Leanne with solid wood legs.

Lance A Lot recycled table

3m x 1.1m with matching benches in Oregon. Smoked look and flush contemporary leg-look.

Cara's metal and wood mix

2.8m x 1.3m in solid recycled Oregon. top is 70mm thick and premuim.

St Helena dining room table

3m x 1m in solid industrial pine. Pedestal legs with matching 3m bench. Grey wash

Dining room table in Industrial Pine

Made from Industrial Pine, 2.4m x 1.1m with pedestal legs. Matching 2.4m bench.

Louis 2.5m rustic / recycled table

2.5m + benches in industrial pine. Recycled rustic barn door with sliding mechanism.

4m Oregon rustic monster table.

4m x 1.1m in recycled oregon. 70mm thick top.

Top Deck table and benches.

Industrial pine / scaffolding top with Oregon legs. 2.4m x 1m. Benches in X-legs or A-frame

Matt's Oak table.

3m x 1.2m in rustic french oak. solid straight legs 44mm thick top

Lady Caroline oak table.

2.4 x 1m in rustic french oak top and Oregon legs.

White Kitchen table.

3m x 1m with Xlegs in rustic Oregon

Venter A-frame dining room table.

Solid 70mm thick top, aged in Oregon with A-fame legs. 2.2m x 1.1m and 760mm high.

Paarl Boy dining room table.

Rustic 2.4 x 1.1m in rustic finish. Rustic Oregon

Grotto Bay outdoor table

Industrial pine 3.5m x 1.2 A frame legs

Paul Oregon table.

2.5m x 1m A-frame legs Recycled Oregon pine.

Breede recycled oregon table.

Recycled Oregon pine in 2.4 x 1m 70mm framed top. A-frame legs with matching 2.4m benches.

Bring your A-GAME! table.

2.5m x 1m in solid 70mm lip. A-frame. Rustic Oregon.

Janet Hermanus pine table.

2.5m x 1.1m recycled rustic industrial pine. A-frame legs. 50mm thick rustic top.

Wine Rustic Route table

3.8m x 1m in 70mm thick recycled Oregon panels.

Melkbos with matching server

Oregon 2.5 with chairs and server. Legs also French.

Server and table mix.

Frame designed table top in 3m with server with 6 draws to match.

Caledon Farmstyle table.

2.4m with 10 Oregon reclaimed chairs. Cheers

Melissa star legs in Oregon

2.2m x 1m with 70mm frame top in recycled Oregon. Ghost chairs works well.

Trish's industrial pine table

3.2m x 1.1m industrial pine . Pedestal legs for extra personality. 70mm top in solid planks.

The Edge canteen tables.

3250mm x 850mm with mix of chairs and benches. 70mm top with flush straight legs.

The Edge canteen tables.

3250x850mm in rustic Oregon. Smoked. 70mm top.

Frenchie recycled table.

1.8 Oregon top with French legs

Under Armour cafe

40mm oregon top on solid steel legs.

StoRage cafe table.

2.8m x 1m table in frame design. X-legs Matching benches.

Brandvan 2.4m office table

Solid industrial pine in 2.4x1.1m with 2 solid benches.

Rose 2.6 table with colour chairs

2.6 x 1m reclaimed table Oregon X-legs

Falling rustic tree table.

Dramatic character in 2.4m scaffolding beams.

Australian outdoor table.

2.8m x 1m table in recycled Oregon. Mix seating

Adrian Straus outdoor table

3m x 1.2 with benches in Oregon for family fun in the sun.

White Framed table and benches.

2.8m x 1.2m in reclaimed Oregon with benches.

Thought Faqtory table.

2.5x1m with matching benches in industrial pine. wow.

Bagdad Cafe tables and benches.

3 x 3m Oregon X -legs with waterfall benches.

Andre's time out! Outdoor table.

3m in Industrial pine for outdoors with benches. 100mm lip.

Scoffolding boards in 10 seater

Old scaffolding planks in 2.5m x 900mm

Seaweed outdoor table.

1.8m x 900mm with benches. Recycled industrial pine.

Jo Square table mix

1.8m x 1.8m with Oregon top.

Crate Stuff! wine cellar

Modular system, start with one and build that wall!

Crate + door wine cellar

Set of crates suspended with large oversize door in recycled Oregon

Rustic salmon barn door

Industrial pine finish including mechanism.

Barn door and 2.5m counter

Reclaimed scaffolding with matching 2.5m counter/server

Andrew's Double act

2 x bedside cupboards. 500 wide x 450 deep and 650 high. All Oregon. White wash base.

Earl Grey Butt Style

Butt style dipped in earl grey. 700mm high.

Button head bar stools

Rustic Oregon stools in button finish. 700mm high

Jo's bar stools

Covered a few of our famous stools. 700mm high

Butt in Milk

700mm high Butt style in Oregon dipped in milk.

Rafikis bar butt stools

700mm high reclaimed bar stools in Oregon Pine

Gingerbread stools in Oregon Pine

Reclaimed Oregon Pine in flat top stools. We dipped in milk as well.... 700mm high

Kruger Chest of draws

1300 wide x 600 deep x 900 high in old floor boards. 7 x draws.

Bettys chest of draws.

Recycled floor boards in over-sized chest.

recycled Oregon server

2m x 600mm x 800 high server / console with old vintage handles.

Louis rustic coffee table + server

2.5m server in industrial pine, recycled and rustic. 1m x 750mm X-factor coffee table in very old scaffolding.

French oak plasma unit

Rustic french oak plasma unit. 2m x 460mm deep x 470mm high. Floating base and minimal look.

Server or plasma unit with coffee

2.5m Server plasma in rustic Oregon with matching coffee table (1.3m)

Dean's rustic Oregon server

2m x 600mm rustic recycled oregon server

Server in recycled oregon

Server with Oregon top and 6 draws.

Oregon server / console

2m x 900mm high x 500 deep. Recycled Oregon with sliding draws.

Lucas plasma now server.

Recycled plasma unit converted to server at 1800mm wide x 850mm high x 450 deep.

Rustic desk top

Scaffolding top in 2.6m x 600 and 50mm thick.

Loft Island with barn door

2.5m x 900mm on wheels. in Industrial Pine.

Loft Island

2.5m x 900mm in Industrial Pine. 8 draws on wheels.

Loft Island

2.5m x 900mm in industrial Pine on wheels.


1.5m block on castors, you try scrum this mean machine!

StoRage bathroom console

2m Oregon base with stone on top

Oregon vanity

Bathroom vanity with marble slab.

Kitchen Island with stools

Solid industial Pine kitchen island in 1.5m x 750mm and 70mm thick. 6 Bar Stools in Oregon.

Mark's coffee table

1600mm coffee table in oregon and teak recycled. Rustic.

Bettys Bay coffee table

Scaffolding blasted.

Louis recycled coffee table X factor

1m x 750mm rustic coffee table in scaffolding boards. X-factor in recycling building planks.

Rustic Oregon coffee table

1.3m x 500 coffee table in old Oregon.

Pigeon hole counter

24 draws in oregon.

Cornel's kitchen masterpiece

1.8m high x 1400 wide x 600 deep. Oregon and rustic

Rustic bar counter

Platform 8's 8m long oregon bar counter

Werner Plasma

Smoked Oregon finish in 1500mm width.

Head banging

King - 1.9m and Queen 1.6m. Oregon frame or any colour.

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